Friday, 20 May 2011

Just Knit: Summer Top/Cover-Up

I started this project towards the end of last summer.  Unfortunately, as the weather got cooler I began to loose interest in the project since I wouldn't be able to wear it before fall hit.  The last couple of weeks have been gorgeous here and so I finally picked up this project and finished it off.

The pattern is an edited version of this one.  Rather than finishing off the sleeves with ribbing I left them with the openwork pattern.  I did try adding on ribbing when I finished the top but apparently my knitting has gotten a lot looser in the last year and even going down two needle sizes left me with loose, floppy ribbing.  In the end, I decided to skip the ribbing altogether.

I also skipped the cowl neck collar.  I had started this project with the intention of wearing the top as a cover-up so I had planned to skip the cowl neck from the beginning.  I did have to add a crochet boarder to the collar though because it was just too wide to stay on my shoulders.  The collar is still wide enough to wear off the shoulder though.

The yarn I used was a 100% cotton, worsted weight yarn.  I had originally bought the yarn (a jumbo-sized 400g ball) to make dishcloths and potholders, but after knitting up a few I wanted to try something different.  I'll admit, this may not have been the best choice for this yarn but I will see how the top holds up after I've washed it a few times.

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